Last updated: March 1, 2016

Short summary:

  • Drop = Post
  • Scan = Send out location sharing requests to all friends nearby
  • Friends = Users who follow each other
  • Chat = Chat with friends nearby
  • Private profile = Only people you approve can see your drops on Zpotdrop

Who will see my location when using Zpotdrop?

We take privacy very seriously. Check-ins will be visible for all your followers, all other location sharing features are only available for friends who bilaterally follow each other. For example, you can only scan for or chat with friends who you follow and are also followed by.

When is my location shared when using Zpotdrop?

We will never let others know your location without your permission for each specific event.

Why should I turn on push notifications?

We want to let you know when interesting things are happening near you, when friends are reacting to your posts, or when friends want to know where you are. For example, if one of your friends is checking in at the bar next to you – we want to let you know.

How do I delete posts on Zpotdrop?

To delete a check-in from your history, click the red delete icon at the bottom on the opened check-in detail screen. You will then be able to confirm or cancel the deletion of that check-in.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send us an email at hey@zpotdrop.com